June 23, 2011

www.eService.Metlife.com | Metlife eService Customer Login – Annuites, Insurance

At the Metlife eService Customer Login website at eService.metlife.com, you can login by entering your username and your password. You will then be able to manage your accounts online. You will be able to transfer your funds. You will also be able to allocate your funds. You can also withdraw funds and manage loans. You will also be able to update your information.

You can also find out about individual annuities online at the Metlife eService Customer Login website at eService.metlife.com. Also find out about insurance. Some of the annuity products that you can get information on includes Enhanced Preference Plus Account, Financial Freedom Account, Flexible Purchase Pension Annuity, Flexible Purchase Pension Contract, Growth Plus Account, and lots more. There are also the MetLife Investor accounts that you can get access to. There are also Life Insurance products such at Universal Life, Flexible Premium Variable Universal Life, and lots more.

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